MARC I - Feel the Adrenaline Rush!

In the realm of racing, 111 Racing embarked on a thrilling journey by launching their own racing team, which kickstarted with the extraordinary MARC I! 

Crafted by the renowned motorsport masters at PACE Innovations, this revolutionary chassis pushes the limits of design with state-of-the-art CAD technology and FEA testing. Paired with the unbeatable PACE aero package, this powerhouse guarantees unrivaled safety, unmatched performance, and an unmistakable on-track dominance.

Brace yourselves, because 111 Racing is set to create a racing storm that will leave you breathless!


  • Ford 5.0LT V8 Coyote - 550BHP @ 6800RPM
  • PACE Innovations Billet Dry Sump
  • Albins 6 Speed Sequential - Paddle or Stick Shift
  • Brembo Front & Rear Caliper & Disc Package
  • Bosch M5 ABS System
  • MoTeC Traction System
  • Chassis Design and Manufacture by PACE Innovations
  • FIA Approved Hi Strength Roll Cage
  • Lifeline Plumbed In Fire System
  • Collapsible Steering Column
  • Premier 110L Capacity Fuel System
  • BMW EPAS Steering System
  • 4 Way Adjustable Dampers
  • FIA Approved Polycarbonate Windows
  • LH & RH Drive Version Available
  • Focus & Mazda Body Available

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