MARC II V8 - The Next Level of Racing Power!

Get ready to be blown away as 111 Racing unveils their latest addition to the shed. The all-new MARC II V8 is here, and it's more powerful than ever! This second generation car packs a punch with its upgraded 5.2L Coyote V8 engine.

But that's not all - the MARC II is not just any ordinary car. Inspired by the iconic Mustang, it boasts a fully carbon body, a cutting-edge Albins 6-speed transaxle gearbox operated by paddle-shift, and GT-style aerodynamics.

And who better to take this beast for a spin than the one and only Axle Donaldson? He's itching to hit the track and leave a trail of dust behind!

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride like no other. Strap in, because the 111 Racing Team is about to take racing to a whole new level!


  • Ford 5.2Lt Quad-Cam V8
  • 615 Bhp/7000 RPM
  • Dry Sump & MoTeC M150 Management
  • Albins ST-6 Sequential Transaxle
  • MoTeC Paddle Shift System
  • Three Plate Sintered Clutch
  • Brembo Monobloc Caliper Front & Rear w/Brembo Endurance Rotors
  • Bosch M5 ABS & MoTeC Traction & Launch Control
  • Lifeline 8863 Fire System
  • Emergency Release Side Windows
  • MARC Twin A Arm Suspension System
  • Ohlins ILS 36 Dampers & Front & Rear Anti Roll Bars
  • Extra Cabin Room for Taller Drivers
  • Twin Stainless 4-1 Header Pipes
  • Pre-Preg and Kevlar Bespoke Panels
  • LED Hi Powered Head Lights & Daytime Running Lights
  • Removable Rear Panels & Hatch
  • Removable Front & Rear Crash Sections
  • MARC Forged Alloy 18x12 Front & 18x13 Rear Wheels


  • FIA Approved Hi-Strength Roll Cage manufactured by PACE Innovations
  • Ready for FIA 8862-2009 Seat - with the option of an adjustable seat slide option.
  • Lifeline 8863 Fire System - the system can be discharged externally or internally by the driver.
  • Collapsible Steering Column
  • Emergency Release Side Windows
  • FIA GT3 specified compressible fuel bladder contained within a safety cell
  • The safety harnesses are provided by SCHROTH, specified to suit a HANS device.

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