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"As for our reasoning for sponsoring Axle and 111 Racing, it really came down to his loyalty towards the Hitachi brand. Axles first machine, a used Hitachi ZX120-1, was purchased all the way back at the company’s conception, and since then he has amassed an impressive fleet of gear, with all his excavator purchases being from Hitachi. He adopted the Hitachi brand colours as his own, with all of his sign writing, business cards, promotional gear (such as stubby coolers), and even his office building adorning the Hitachi colour schemes, and his website looks more like a “Hitachi website” than an “Axles Earthmoving” website. He is a massive promotor and influencer of the Hitachi brand, and is definitely considered to be “family” by the Hitachi Management team. Thankfully, he also just happens to be a real gent, and a pleasure to deal with, which has only served to make our partnership even stronger over the years."

Chris Batson  |  Sales Manager - Brisbane  |  Hitachi

"We are extremely excited to be partnered with 111 Racing, as we share many business values with Axle and his team. We are a big supporter of local sport (as is Axle) and we believe that sponsoring teams such as 111 Racing is one of the best ways to network with other like-minded businesses. Better yet, it provides us with a great excuse to get out of the office and enjoy some high-octane entertainment. We look forward to working with Axle and his team into the future and we know that he will do everything possible to ensure we maximise our return on sponsor investment."

Rebecca Ottaway  |  Chief Marketing Officer  |  Bolt Marketing

"Axle Donaldson has been a long time customer of Gardner Engineering through his earthmoving business and we have built a very solid relationship with him and his team. We have always appreciated Axle's long term support for Gardner Engineering and we were more than happy to support 111 Racing when he approached us to become sponsors of his team. We enjoy being a part of the 111 Racing and Axle's motorsport journey."

Michael Gardner  |  Managing Director  |  Gardner Engineering

"Axle has been a huge supporter of the Robina Roos AFL Club for many years now and we can't thank him enough for his generosity. Partnering with the 111 Racing team was a no-brainer because we know that Axle will continue to go out of his way to spread positive words about our Club to his long list of local business contacts. We can't wait to get behind 111 Racing and follow Axle's journey."

Ewan McKenzie  |  Vice President  |  Robina Roos

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